54 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

S2E5. The Tutoring Rocketship Investing €70M in Quality, Affordability & Convenience

Our guest today is Felix Ohswald. He is the CEO of GoStudent, an online tutoring company that just raised 70 million euros and is growing like a rocketship in Europe. In this episode, we talk about the origin story of GoStudent, Felix's views on what makes a learning experience successful, his tips on operating a growing educational institutions, and his regional and global plans to consolidate the fragmented tutoring market.05:24 - Felix and his team made a hard turn from a model that was very engaging for students but not financially viable to a business model that is both profitable and creates excellent learning outcomes.09:26 -  GoStudent is moving fast to be the first in Europe. A first-mover advantage is a key stragegy for them.11:25 - Educating prospects in a consultative sale process is becoming more important. Talking to prospects, Felix saw that they were not really understanding the offer and even what solution they want to experience.15:24 - You can think of managing students in a lifecycle like customers. They come asking for one thing, then you solve it and move to the next thing. Competency based or mastery based learning is the epitomy of a student lifecycle.27:52 - At the end of the day, convenience and the best products will always win. When you have this extreme focus on these things, you can, you can make it everywhere. And that's, that's where we focus on.33:48 - Analytics and metrics can inform the success of a learning experience significantly. Looking at KPIs, you find insights, you find bright spots and can double down on them.Wheree to learn more about GoStudent:Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/gostudent-gmbhWebsite - https://www.gostudent.org/enArticle - https://medium.com/emerge-edtech-insights/idea-to-series-a-gostudent-65068968b68dWhere to learn more about Enrollhand: Website - www.enrollhand.comWebinar - https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.comOur free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schoolgrowth/
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