60 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

S2E4. Full-stack, deep learning that feels like an emoji shower 🎉🎉

SummaryOur guest today is Victoria Ransom, the CEO at Prisma. Victoria is a serial entrepreneur from New Zealand, having sold her last company to Google and is currently living in the U S with her partner and co-founder Alain Chuard. We are going to talk about their newest venture Prisma, a full-time virtual program (with a physical component) for middle school learners. Prisma is a full-stack connected learning network that is rethinking school from first principles.Listen and take note of what happens when you combine a stellar team, great technology and a state-of-the-art, progressive learning framework.In our discussion, we cover:Many education leaders integrate peer learning, but at Prisma they have thought deeply about how learning from & teaching another child is so beneficial.Victoria seems an inflection point before middle school, where kids start racing after grades and tests. Prisma catches them before middle school starts to keep and kindle their sense of wonder.A coach appears as the governor of Wisconsin, a task force is put on a major water problem. Is it a classroom or a Hollywood set? Kids get clues and reports. Curiosity and motivation kick in. They launch a PR campaign, a budget...oh, and hit all their learning goals as well.Teachers still do so much grunt work, so much waste, so much multitasking that takes their focus off the learners. Prisma is using technology and learning science to strip away the noise and let their coaches focus on delivering a pure, seamless learning experience.Zoom doesn't cut it for the kiddos. Victoria is bursting with ideas, both for sync & async learning that enrich and gamify the learning experience. One example: Expressing support in a virtual settingHere are some resources mentioned in our discussion:The concept of Hard Fun by Seymour Papert - http://www.papert.org/articles/HardFun.htmlPrisma's Learning Framework - https://www.joinprisma.com/frameworkPrisma LIVE - https://www.joinprisma.com/prisma-liveWhere to learn more about the guest:Prisma's Twitter account - https://twitter.com/joinprismaVictoria's Twitter account - https://twitter.com/victoria_ransomAlain's Twitter account - https://twitter.com/AlainChuardWebsite - https://www.joinprisma.comWhere to learn more about Enrollhand:Website: www.enrollhand.comOur webinar: https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.com
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