33 minutes | Jan 16, 2020

54. Out of the Textbook and Into the Flow, with Joel Rose

In education, the obvious place to cut your teeth is as a teacher. Joel Rose knows the classroom well. He began as a 5th-grade teacher in Houston before moving into a variety of leadership roles in education. Joel is a respected commentator on education through his published articles and as a speaker at conferences. He is currently spearheading the nonprofit “New Classrooms,” which reimagines classrooms through the creation of new and different learning models. In our interview, Joel Rose cuts to the chase. The industrial model of one teacher in a classroom with 28 kids is not working to prepare students for the postmodern world. He joins us to consider how to begin changing that model within the confines of the present education system. Joel shares his ideas about the role of student choice in learning, keeping students challenged and in-flow, how to initiate innovative programs without overburdening teachers with logistics, the importance of data collection to tweak personalized learning, and the accountability that must be charged to model-providers that design and offer innovative learning models. If you would like to know how to less painfully ease into personalized learning, listen to Joel and learn the success factors for launching a new model at your school.Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion:Denver Frederick Interview with Joel Rose - https://denver-frederick.com/2019/01/28/joel-rose-co-founder-and-ceo-of-new-classrooms-joins-denver-frederick/The Iceberg Problem - https://www.newclassrooms.org/2019/10/07/the-iceberg-problem-event-highlights-op-eds-and-more/Twitter Graph - https://twitter.com/SuperMugatu/status/1205870814509359105Podcast with Bill Gates - https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/bill-gates-on-advice-for-founders-mistakes-philanthropy/id1316769266?i=1000443225347Big Picture Learning - https://www.bigpicture.org/New Technology High School - https://www.newtechhigh.org/Where to learn more about the guest:Joel on Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/joel-rose-0779357Joel on Twitter - https://twitter.com/NCJoelRoseJoel’s website - broadacademy.org/fellows/fellow.php?alumni_id=102&category_id=14  New Classrooms - https://www.newclassrooms.org/Joel at The Atlantic - How to Break Free of Our 19th-Century Factory-Model Education System https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/05/how-to-break-free-of-our-19th-century-factory-model-education-system/256881/Where to learn more about Enrollhand:Website: www.enrollhand.comOur training on how to grow your school: https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.comOur free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schoolgrowth/You can always reach out by emailing hello@enrollhand.com
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