33 minutes | Nov 21, 2019

50. Four Steps to Sustainably Engage Foundations, with Yossi Prager

AVI CHAI has invested over $300 million to benefit Jewish education through a wide variety of programs. As Executive Director of the North Ameria branch of AVI CHAI, Yossi Prager brings to the table a wealth of insight into philanthropy and wide-ranging experience with education. A graduate of Yeshiva College and Yale Law School, Yossi serves on the boards of communal and public policy organizations. He is a noted speaker, writer, and editor.Sharing with us how foundations view their role in social change, Yossi delves into the differences between funding for private schools and public schools, and the differences between private philanthropy and foundation philanthropy. Yossi shares four steps through which a school can begin to build relationships with foundations and seek to establish an interface that is more than “transactional.”If you have considered philanthropic support for your school, but wondered how to start, this podcast gives you practical steps for initiating your journey.Quotes:07:37 “More and more big foundations are thinking of themselves as investors seeking a social return on investment.” 25:20 “What we have learned is that the world changes as you work. You are always flying a plane that you are also building. The world evolves, and the philanthropic community needs to evolve in turn.”Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion:Summit School - http://www.summitqueens.com/Speedboats of change and the future of work - https://www.axios.com/seattle-high-school-future-of-work-88d89dbf-d958-4961-a396-b605d6971859.htmlWhere to learn more about the guest:Yossi at Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/yossi-prager-8b943911Yossi at Avi Chai - https://avichai.org/person/yossi-prager/Where to learn more about Enrollhand:Our website: www.enrollhand.comOur training on how to grow your school: https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.comOur free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schoolgrowth/You can always reach out by emailing hello@enrollhand.com
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