26 minutes | Jan 24th 2021

3 Assertiveness Techniques To Improve Your Classroom Presence

Being assertive in the classroom can have a huge impact on both your whole class management and your ability to manage behaviour incidents.  The secret is to be intentional about your body language, your tone of voice and exactly how you word your instructions.In this episode, we show you how to do just that.  We give you 3 techniques you can start using today to look and sound more confident in your classroom.  The result?  Teaching feels easier, your lessons are more productive and your relationships with students improve.Important links:Get our FREE classroom management scoresheet:https://beaconschoolsupport.co.uk/classroom-management-scoresheet.phpCompetition rules and regulations:https://beaconschoolsupport.co.uk/podcastcompetition.phpJoin our FREE Classroom Management and Student Behaviour FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/school.behaviourDownload other FREE behaviour resources for use in school:https://beaconschoolsupport.co.uk/resources.php
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