52 minutes | Dec 4, 2020

SS #82: You Can't Cancel Christmas

The death of culture and festivity is not a less important death than bodily. No matter what government officials say, Christmas is coming and must be honored with festive celebration – piety requires it. In this episode, Brandy Vencel, Pam Barnhill, Mystie Winckler, and Abby Wahl discuss how festivity and scholé fits into the curricular framework found in Kevin Clark & Ravi Jain’s PGMAPT formulation in The Liberal Arts Tradition. With occasional timely musings about how festivity is different and difficult this season, they return to our responsibility to keep up the cheer – because we do have a hope that extends beyond the grave, a true reason to truly celebrate with as many of our number as we can. *** Join the Sistership Sophie Level to get Christmas gift access! Have you joined the Scholé Sistership yet? If not, you really should since the annual Christmas gift for Sophie level is so close to ready that it’ll be out by the time you listen to this. Santa’s elves have been working away for months on an amazing printable 5x5 Challenge Journal that is FREE for all of our Sophie members in December and January! Click here to join. *** Click here to access today's show notes. Click here to join the Sistership. Don't forget to find us on Facebook! Click here to follow us on Instagram!
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