46 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Debbie McGee - Part 1

In David’s words, the ‘lovely Debbie McGee’ is show business royalty, and he’s known her for just under ten years. In the first of two episodes with Debbie, David dives into her illustrious career, from her humble beginnings to Saturday night prime time. Famously married to TV magician Paul Daniels, Debbie discusses life with him and her approach to the future now he’s not around.For more information about David Hill and this podcast, please take a peek at the website www.schmoozingpodcast.comSubscribe & Review: Please make sure to review, share comments, and subscribe to the show on the various platforms (Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon | Google Podcasts). This really helps our podcast!The awesome team at Twelve A Studios (www.twelveastudios.com) produce this show, with special mention to the show’s producer, Lukas Wojcik, and Content Research and Editor, Jack Pallister (featured in the show).Follow us:Instagram - www.instagram.com/davidhillofficial/Twitter - twitter.com/DHill_OfficialFacebook - www.facebook.com/DHOfficial
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