5 minutes | Dec 6th 2019

Presenting Scene of the Crime Season One: Delphi - Trailer

This trailer for “Scene of the Crime, Season One: Delphi” gives listeners a preview of what they can expect to hear over seven episodes exploring the heinous, unsolved 2017 double murder of teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams in Delphi, Indiana. The trailer features excerpts of exclusive interviews with family members of the victims as they recount the events of that terrible day, the devastating effect the murders had on their own lives, and their thoughts and theories regarding the killer.  Also included are excerpts from interviews with members of law enforcement inside the case, exclusive commentary from experts in criminology and forensic genealogy, and select portions of public press conferences crucial to a thorough understanding of this tragic case.   

Scene of the Crime, Season 1 Episode 1 Premieres January 2nd, 2020. Subscribe today so you don’t miss an episode. 

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