56 minutes | May 18, 2020

Voodoo ft. Laura

This week we discuss the mysterious death of Kat Restin, a twenty-year-old who was found dead after allegedly summoning the Voudon spirit of Baron Samedi. We also talk about next week's horrifying episode, and one of the podcasts's favourite Australian horror films: The Tunnel.EPISODE NOTES: Remember when that one famly member told you to never play with a Ouija board? Well - imagine that, but with Voodoo. There is a deep and extremely rich cultural significance of Voodoo that stems back hunderds of years, and with such a rich history, one should proceed with caution when delving into such old magic. This did not deter the late Kat Restin. When Kat delved into Voudon magic, she had no idea it would end up killing her.This week's Scared Sh*tless horror movie of the week is: The Tunnel (2011), an Australian found-footage horror film that definitely slipped under the radar. This underrated gem is terrifying enough for me to never want to see it again, so you should.Facebook.com/scaredshitlesspodInstagram.com/scaredshitlesspodFacebook , Instagram, TwitterSubscribe to us on ITUNES, STITCHER, SPOTIFY, RADIOPUBLIC or your podcatcher of choice.If you would like to support That’s Not Canon Podcasts you can find us on PATREON. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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