28 minutes | Jun 26, 2018

#15 Jesse Shemen of Papercup on Auto-Translating The World's Video and Raising Your First Round

Jesse Shemen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Papercup, a company that auto-translates the voice track on videos into the world’s languages. People spend an average of 5 hours watching video every single day but the problem for creators looking to maximise views is that while subtitles are helpful, people want to hear videos in their own language and quality dubbing is prohibitively expensive. That’s where Papercup comes in - they auto-translate the voice track on videos using a groundbreaking approach that combines Bayesian neural networks and speech synthesis, which means that the speaker’s unique voice and emotion is recreated in another language. This means that in one click, you can reach the world’s 7 billion people rather than being restricted to the 1 billion English speakers in the world. Jesse met his co founder Jiameng on EF9 and since founding the company and pitching at the recent EF9 Demo Day, they’ve received a term sheet and are in the process of closing their seed round, as well as securing trials with two large media companies who have sent them their original content. Jesse graduated summa cum laude from Stern School of Business at NYU. He then co-founded Deloitte’s startup incubator and investment arm and co-launched a new venture at Octopus Investments before joining EF9. In this episode Jesse and I discuss:  - How he developed the technical knowledge that underpins Papercup - Jesse’s pitching advice as one of the standout performers at Demo Day - Jesse’s key lessons from raising his first round  We also dive into Jesse’s experiences on EF and how he started working with his co-founder Jiameng on the program so the conversation will offer you a combination of solid practical advice and insight into what it’s actually like to build a company on EF.
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