41 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

056: Double Your Revenue, Triple Your Profit and Have a Baby with Carli Anna

Today’s guest is one of my clients and someone I am excited to share with you, Carli Anna. Carli is a Brand Strategist and Coach for creatives pivoting into passive income.  We started working together over a year ago and she’s had some pretty incredible results since joining The CEO Roundtable. Carli has overcome negative mindsets and went from being burnt out, working all the time (sometimes up to 65+ hours a week) to working 20 hours a week (while having a baby). Not only that, but she increased her revenue from $110,000 to $210,000 while also increasing her profit from $55,000 to $143,000. You’ll hear what her business looked like before joining The CEO Roundtable and the things she started implementing to get her business into good shape. Carli gives us her insight into the changes she’s made with her time, money and impact and how she shifted an offering to make it available to more clients. She also shares how getting clear on her ideal clients has helped her as she’s grown her business.    What’s in this episode: What helped Carli move so quickly when implementing things in her business What her business looked like before joining The CEO Roundtable How Carli shifted her offerings to attract more clients  What her course is and how she came up with the idea to create it Where Carli hopes her business will be a year from now For full show notes, resources, and links, head to https://nicolejacksonmiller.com/018 Interested in delegating at least 50% of client delivery in 12 months or less? Applications are open for AGENCY: nicolejacksonmiller.com/agency Want to know when new episodes are released? Subscribe on your platform of choice so you can learn all of the scaling strategies I’m implementing in my own business and with my clients.  Let’s be friends. Send me a DM on, Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nicolejacksonmiller or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nicolejacksonmiller.
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