40 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

054: From $40K to $500K in 4 years with Tasha Booth

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Tasha Booth, the Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild, an agency that supports established coaches and course creators, and Coach to Online Support Professionals .   Tasha and I met a few years ago when she joined my mastermind program, The CEO Roundtable. Let me tell you one thing about Tasha: when she sets her mind to something -- she gets it done! In this episode, she shares her secret for getting things accomplished and what her business looked like before joining The CEO Roundtable.   You’ll hear how she went from making $40K in revenue to making nearly half a million dollars! She shares her tips for how she achieved growth so quickly and her journey of going from a virtual assistant to leading a team of 18 in her agency.    What’s in this episode: How Tasha got into the online business space Her secret for getting things done 3 changes she made to stop being a bottleneck to her team How she decides when and who to hire for The Launch Guild A look at how her money, time and impact has evolved over time How her podcast helped to expand her reach and grow her email list  Tasha’s phrase of the year, “Simplify to amplify my impact.” For full show notes, resources, and links, head to https://nicolejacksonmiller.com/012   Interested in delegating at least 50% of client delivery in 12 months or less? Applications are open for AGENCY: nicolejacksonmiller.com/agency   Want to know when new episodes are released? Subscribe on your platform of choice so you can learn all of the scaling strategies I’m implementing in my own business and with my clients.  Let’s be friends. Send me a DM on, Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nicolejacksonmiller or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nicolejacksonmiller.
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