25 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

045: Getting Your Operational Plan in Place for 2021 with Catherine Calmes

Are you looking to get your business running more smoothly in 2021? Look no further because I’ve got the perfect guest for you! Today I had on Catherine Calmes, a Certified Director of Operations who helps entrepreneurs with operational planning and team leadership. 

In this episode, Catherine and I explore the 5 phases you go through as a CEO and what areas you should focus on first if you’re ready to scale your business. 

She tells us about her personal evolution as an entrepreneur and her recommendations for implementing KPIs (or metrics on steroids as she calls them!) into your operational plan.


What’s in this episode:

  • What Catherine does for service providers to help them scale
  • The transitions she’s made that have gotten her to where she is now in her business
  • The 5 phases you go through as a CEO
  • What to focus on first when you’re ready for growth
  • How to implement KPIs 
  • The 2 challenges that pop up the most with business owners
  • What business owners should look at in 2021


Connect with Catherine: Website | Instagram 


About Catherine:Catherine is a Certified Director of Operations who helps online business owners by providing operational planning and team leadership so their business can run efficiently. She uses her background in home organizing, workplace productivity, and managerial experience to help make the vision for your business a reality.


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