24 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

044: Why You’re Still Struggling to Remove Yourself From Client Delivery

Are you finding yourself stuck in the client delivery? Maybe you find yourself spending hours per day doing client work and you know you could be investing your time elsewhere in your business.

In this episode, I talk about why you could find yourself struggling in this area. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have an agency of 10+ employees, this can happen to anyone and I am walking you through finding the best solutions for you and your business. 

You’ll hear my advice on how you can remove yourself from client delivery and tactical ideas for how you can start to remove yourself from client delivery.


What’s in this episode:

  • What clients who work with me want to achieve when it comes to client delivery
  • Why you have to figure out what works best for YOU as the leader
  • The reasons you might struggle with removing yourself from client delivery
  • Why you have to make sure you’re hiring the right people
  • Tactical ideas of tasks and activities you can let go of


Links:043 - When to Bring on an Account or Project Manager with Janet Beamer


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