44 minutes | Apr 21st 2020

006: Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Employees With Tameaka Shelton

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Are you thinking about hiring an employee for your business? This might seem like a huge undertaking which is why I wanted to bring on Tameaka Shelton. Tameaka is the Founder of Employ and Relate. She helps business owners do more than employ people but learn how to relate to them too. Tameaka has been a great resource for my business and she brings so much wisdom and insight from her years of experience in the HR industry. 

We talk about differences in hiring contractors and hiring employees (and what to know about pay rate and bill rate). Tameaka shares best practices for employee reviews and things you should know before hiring. She provides tips on building company culture (even with a virtual team!) If you’re ready to bring on more people in your business, then you’ll definitely want to hear what Tameka shares in this episode. 

What’s in this episode:

  • Why Tameaka puts an emphasis on relating to the people you hire
  • Her perspective on when a small business owner or solopreneur should hire a contractor versus an employee
  • The differences between bill rate and pay rate
  • Different statuses of employees and the options available for small business owners
  • Benefits of hiring a temporary employee 
  • What business owners need to implement when bringing on employees
  • What’s required and what’s optional when it comes to employees
  • The general rules about holidays, vacation and sick time
  • Best practices for reviews for employees and contractors
  • Strategies for building a strong company culture
  • When to bring on an HR person versus when to do it yourself

Connect with Tameaka:Website | LinkedIn

About Tameaka:Tameaka Shelton with Employ and Relate is putting "feeling" back into the workplace.  She recognizes that people are a company's number one asset. Her motto is, "don't just employ them...relate to them"!  

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