37 minutes | Nov 12th 2019

#21: Frank Barry, COO of Tithe.ly, on building SaaS for a non-traditional industry

Tithe.ly is a SaaS business that’s going after a huge, but underserved market: churches and religious institutions. 

And for the past several years, the business has been growing like crazy, with over 700 religious institutions signing up per month. But that’s not even the crazy part! 

Tithe.ly wants to make sure customers really love them. When a new prospect or customer signs up for the software, they get a personal welcome call from someone on the Tithe.ly team. 

In this episode, Frank talks with Dave about delivering delightful customer experiences, investing in content, and how to creatively scale a business.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

0:00 Introduction

2:11 Learn about Tithe.ly’s business model

4:08 Insights into growth channels 

11:00 Creating exceptional touchpoints with customers

24:34 Lessons learned about SaaS over the last 4 years 

30:28 The Salty Six

This is an actionable episode — we hope you enjoy! Get ready to #ScaleOrDie...

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