79 minutes | Jan 7, 2020

Intriguing Encounter Captured With A Smartphone with CK Goldiing

Was it a confession or was it simply the need to share a personal story by someone who did the unthinkable? Perhaps it takes someone who films a lot of encounters with strangers to film the story from a complete stranger. But it goes without saying, having a camera on you at all times…a smartphone, the opportunity to record and share it would have been missed.

CK Goldiing is a storyteller. One of the things that intrigue CK him are the stories humans share. CK made a film which he shot with his smartphone, that went viral. CK Goldiing attended the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego 2019 edition as a VIP Special Guest. The film he presented, 61 Hugs, just won several awards in the UK. 

CK had never been in San Diego before and during his visit he thoroughly enjoyed the festival and everyone he connected with. But just a couple days before the festival, CK was waiting at a bus stop and unknown to him at that moment, a story for his next film began to unfold. 

How many times does someone who has killed someone open up to you? And then give you permission to record it? Perhaps it was because the smartphone camera is such a familiar device, it was not an awkward request for someone to ask to record the story. Perhaps, it was the fact that CK has an affinity to interact with people he has never met before. 

The film premiers January 12th 2020 online. Waiting With A Killer is a documentary shot by CK which captivates you from the first scene and holds your attention until the end. Sitting on the edge of your seat and with your eyes wide open, you experience the story from CK’s perspective. During this episode of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, you will listen to our conversation as we discuss his new film and then a bit of a breakdown into how and why the subject of the story, Mathew, shared some of the most intimate details of his experience from a perspective most of us cannot comprehend. It is toward the end that our discussion goes to a level where we both open up and look a bit underneath the top layer of what people have experienced, how they feel and why stories can be therapeutic. Documentary filmmakers realize that when they interview people and victims.

One of the best things about mobile filmmaking if you are producing documentaries? The heart of the documentary is in capturing the reality of a story or situation. While there are many types of documentaries, the opportunities to capture life’s most intriguing moments is within reach for almost every human being around the world. But what is captivating about a documentary, is how the storyteller strings together the story from beginning to end. 

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