55 minutes | Jul 1, 2021


It’s the Says Who, One Day Late Edition! Maureen has had a wild couple of days, which threw the S.S. Says Who off course by 24 hours. Everyone in her house has been barfing, either literally or metaphorically.But she isn’t the only one sailing rough seas. The Good Ship Rudy has been rolling to and for on the waves. Poor Rudy! He must be so seasick! Luckily, his son and first mate, Andrew, is here to defend him! By shouting! So much shouting!Meanwhile, a small speedboat containing the Trump legal team has been spotted headed out to sea, dumping safes of documents all along the way! Not really! We were just trying to keep this boat thing up. But, you know, Trump legal problems! Because of the crimes!Everyone is taking a hard pounding this week. Such a hard pounding.Get your life preserver, SaysWhovia. This water is deep.
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