11 minutes | Jan 6th 2021

How To Price Consulting Services Like A Genius

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Pricing your consulting services is one of the most challenging task a consultant's face.

Would you agree? Yesss!

Do you price by the hour, package, based on value – WHAT!

This episode will break down the pricing position, formula, and structure for consulting firms.

As a CFO, I am often asked how consulting firms price their services so that they cover their cost and generate a profit. When a client begins working with us as their CFO, we first examine and improve their pricing structure.

Why is pricing so important? It is one of the top methods to ensure that you say yes to profits in business.

The truth is, if your services are not priced for profit, you will FOREVER experience cash flow challenges.

So let's get into it how to price your consulting services like a genius.

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