23 minutes | Oct 8th 2019

Don’t Earn A Million-Dollars Until You Listen to This

Episode Summary

Crossing the million-dollar mark in business is very, very exciting….until you’re hit with a $450,000 tax bill! Say What!! Yes, this has happened to several business owners. Truth Is - If you are NOT PREPARED to earn a million dollars in business it can be detrimental to your success.

If you do not have key strategies implemented in your business, earning a million dollars can actually cause you to close your business. However, no worries I am going to prevent that from occurring to you.

In this episode, I will provide an overview of several action items you must have in place BEFORE earning $1 million in business.

Check Yourself Moment

After listening to today’s episode are you prepared to cross the million-dollar mark in business? Will crossing the million-dollars be a happy moment or a bittersweet moment for you?

Profit Power Closing Statement

Earning a million dollars in business can be the best thing since cheese or worst than death. It’s all up to you.  

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