21 minutes | Mar 3rd 2021

The 2 Necessary Feelings

Feelings.  We all have them. What we feel, and how we make others feel. Sometimes, we have the wrong feelings.  And we try to get away from those feelings. In a relationship in trouble, you can guarantee that someone is not feeling the way that he or she wants to feel.  So, that person tries to get away from what is making them feel that way. Unfortunately, that "something" is more a "someone," the spouse. Are YOU making your spouse feel something that is causing him or her to want to get away? There are 2 primary feelings that must be in a strong relationship.  The opposite of those feelings tend to push couples apart. Those 2 feelings? Feeling wanted. Feeling accepted. You may not feel wanted or accepted.  If you are working on saving and improving your relationship, let me suggest you set that aside for now.  Focus on how you can help your spouse feel wanted and accepted. In this podcast episode, I talk about these feelings (and their opposites) and 3 ways you may be hurting those feelings for your spouse. Join me as we explore these 2 necessary feelings and 3 ways we hurt those feelings. RELATED RESOURCES Connection is the Lifeblood Restoring Connection Where DID Those Feelings Go? Save The Marriage System
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