20 minutes | Dec 16th 2020

Caught In A Triangle

Basic geometry, right?  The triangle?  Just three points and three lines connecting.  Simple.  A building block for geometric shapes of all kinds. And yet, in the context of relationships… it is detrimental.  Not a building block at all.  In fact, it undermines relationships. Yet, we find ourselves caught in triangles all the time.  Or more accurately, we are caught in triangles all the time.  We may not find ourselves, though, unless we know what to look for. During the last couple of weeks, I have been providing some deep training for my Virtual Intensive Program members about the Dysfunctional Triangle, the roles involved, how it works, why it is so destructive, and how to escape. That information is just too deep and in-depth to provide in a podcast.  But I did want to give you the basic concept of a triangle, so you can identify it. RELATED RESOURCES Communication Issues?  Nope The Importance of Showing Up Can Your Marriage Be Saved? Save The Marriage System (be sure and grab your free week of VIP)
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