19 minutes | Mar 19, 2020

Episode 44 - 8 Most Powerful Ways To Stay Healthy During COVID-19

In The 8 Most Powerful Ways To Keep Healthy During COVID-19, my emphasis is on the Front-Line Staff & the Leaders who are deeply entrenched in this epidemic. To all the hospital staff - those on the front-line managing the patients to those who are in the backend making sure that staff gets paid on time, and those who are in-charge of scheduling, this is a very important time for you to nurture yourselves.    Episodes references:  3 Powerful Ways To Manage Stress During COVID-19 Powerful and sustainable health routine (see episode 21). Deal with your stress in a strategic way The bad and the ugly side of supplements Taking a day off work (and not feel guilty about it) Top 5 Myths To Meditation
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