13 minutes | Mar 7, 2020

Episode 43 - Top 3 Ways To Control Your Stress

This article will offer you the top 3 ways to control your stress (and cortisol) so you can control your life. I've been speaking with many health practitioners, and hospital administrators, over the last few week. They all seem to be wondering the same things – how to keep their staff healthy and free of burnout.  Now, more than ever, with COVID-19 taking over everyone's thoughts, you need to keep your stress under control so it doesn't start to control you.  First and foremost, let's cover the 3 common reasons health practitioners have stress that leads them to burnout: too big of a workload.        2. family and personal lives are challenged due to job.       3. employment doesn’t allow them enough time outside of work to recover. Head over to the show-notes for the script... https://satorihwcoaching.ca/blog/top-3-ways-to-control-your-stress/
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