10 minutes | Sep 14, 2019

038 - Why You Need To Take the Day off Work (& Not Feel Guilty About It)

“OMG, I was exhausted this morning and didn’t feel like going to work. I couldn’t shake it. Any advice?” Yeah, stay home and take a day off. Enjoy your day doing something you like. See you at work tomorrow feeling more productive.  You think that’s impossible, do you? Well, it’s the best advice I have for you and it doesn’t need to be made into  a “mental health day” just because you feel like staying home. About 15 years ago, I was running pretty fast. I was working as a nurse in labor & delivery. I’d just been forced to take a leave of absence from Chiropractic College because I was working too many hours while being in school, and not accomplishing the end goal.That led me down a horrific path, that took me 10 years to recover.  Why do you feel the need to force your body/mind to “get to work” when it is clearly telling you to rest? have a listen and then head over to the podcast show notes to download your Free 5-Day Audio program on mastering your emotional system for good. https://satorihwcoaching.ca/blog/why-you-need-to-take-the-day-off-work-not-feel-guilty-about-it/
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