16 minutes | Aug 31, 2019

037- The Importance of Dealing With Stress In A Strategic Way

When you have stress in your life, it can be daunting to manage it. However, by maintaining a growth-oriented mindset, you learn new ways of thinking and perceiving - and in the end, you learn new strategies.   I want you to recognize these 3 key things: We’re not perfect - nobody! Growth is a universal human need that is obtained in many ways. Some grow through hobbies, some through our work or studies, and others in relationships.  We are constantly changing and evolving.  In this post, I’m concentrating on #3, that we’re constantly in a state of change. The sun's rotation to the earth is constantly changing, which means the tide is changing, and the seasons are changing, and the colours of the leaves on the trees are changing. The amount of light we get daily is changing and it affects our mood. https://satorihwcoaching.ca/blog/dealing-with-stress-in-a-productive-way
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