57 minutes | Apr 6, 2018

ST039 ::: CINA SOUL - Mixed by Michael Cina

ST039 ::: CINA SOUL - Mixed by Michael Cina All Vinyl Mix ::: 2018 Michael Cina is a polymath. His accomplishments in art, design and typography have been celebrated and utilized around the world by leading brands, publications and corporations. An early adopter of the internet, Cina is a notable pioneer of web design and has continued to reinvent and evolve how art and design communicate throughout his career. In addition to a wealth of professional design accolades, Cina is also an accomplished painter who has exhibited his work across the globe. Currently, he is the principal at Cina Associates, which focuses on custom typefaces, branding and lifestyle projects. In mid-2015, VSCO released a monograph of his award-winning album artwork for the acclaimed record label, Ghostly International. www.michaelcinaassociates.com www.cinaart.com
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