12 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

#17: How I Figured Out My Food Intolerances (When My Gut Reacted To Everything)

How can you figure out what your gut is reacting to when it feels like you’re reacting to everything? Where you've got no idea what you've eaten but you end up in foetal position on your bed, feeling like someone is twisting your intestines. You squirm to the toilet, dig your nails into your thighs to try and reduce the churning and agonising pain you feel in your gut. All you want is to eat worry-free. No bloating, no tummy pains and no feeling nervous around what you're putting in your mouth. Well, you're in luck because in todays episode I'll show you how I figured out my food intolerances and how you can figure yours out too. That life of eating worry-free, not feeling bloated every day and not having to know where the nearest toilet is at all times is just around the corner.  
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