27 minutes | Oct 2, 2021

UFC FIGHT NIGHT: JOHNNY WALKER VS THIAGO SANTOS | Fight Breakdowns | MMA Betting odds | Bet picks

UFC Fight Night: Johnny Walker vs Thiago Santos | MMA Bets and BreakdownsWorld champion MMA coach, Santino DeFranco, and MMA sports betting extraordinaire, Brandan Olivas break down Johnny Walker vs Thiago Santos and offer other picks for MMA sports betters.We go over fights we like for bets, some prop bets that will offer more bang for the buck than a “pick the winner” bets, and the fights we’re excited to see as fans—regardless of whether they’re good fights to throw money on.Tune in, throw some money down on some bets, and let is know if you agree with our picks. And if you do, please like, and share!
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