39 minutes | Aug 8th 2019

Charles Cadbury talks about building conversational interfaces on Alexa to reduce friction.

Sam Sethi talked with Charles Cadbury about the development of their Alexa skill but also we talked about other Alexa features such In-Skill Purchasing (ISP), Alexa Presentation Language (APL) and name skill intent along with the challenges of internationalisation, privacy, voice SEO and developer skill monetisation.

The Skill

'Book it Now' allows users to search for and book recommended local services using only their voice.

Our vision is to enable thousands of local businesses to be bookable via Alexa, which will be available for people to use wherever they are. - Charlie Cadbury

Alexa cup:

Launched by Amazon in 2019 the annual Alexa Cup is a global competition designed to encourage the development of Alexa Skills (voice apps) that solve real-world problems in a way that enhances customer experience while also being commercially viable.