43 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

Sasha Golyanova - Transition From Russian Police Career To Full-time Surf Photographer

Have you ever thought about starting over? Here is an idea: quit everything and move to Bali to restart your life as a surf photographer. Originally a Russian police officer, Sasha started her new life in 2014 on the island of Bali. Swimming skills and passion for photography have defined her current occupation. She learned to surf and never looked back. She said in an interview for Saltwater Magazine,  "Water photography is a long journey . . . It pushes me from my comfort zone . . . and forces to keep on moving." I think we can all relate to that. Some of the topics we cover include the following: How did you go from working as a police officer in Russia to a surf photographer? Why photography? How did you start—did you enjoy photography when you were younger? I see you have some great water shots, what is it like shooting in the water? What do you shot with—what equipment do you travel with? What is your favorite lens? (45mm - AP - Speed Auto - 2.2 - 1.8 - recommend 5.6 for beginners) Post-production? Color correction, Adobe Lightroom 100:1 Marc 3 - full-frame What is your process—many of your photos have people in them, do you like capturing humans in action? You were in Bali, then Brazil, and now Mexico—can you tell us a little about your journey this past year. Does photography lead you or do you lead it? How does social media influence your photography? What’s next on your horizon? Who are some photographers that you admire? Social Media Profiles: IG (Personal): https://www.instagram.com/sasha.golyanova/ IG (Surf Pics): https://www.instagram.com/sashafr0mrussia/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/sashagolyanova Portfolio: https://cheeese.co/portfolio/sasha.g Current Location: Cabo, Baja --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wavetribe/message
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