72 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

Team Selling, Visual Dartboarding and Winning at Enterprise Scale - Lisa Palmer

In this bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast I have the audio from another of the presentations from last year's Sales Success Summit. This is Lisa Palmer's talk on "Team Selling, Visual Dartboarding and Winning at Enterprise Scale," and I've also included the Q&A from our more recent Encore Series session together. Both of these should serve as a really nice primer for my Enterprise Sales focused conversation with VMware's top enterprise seller that will release next week.

For the visuals that go with this presentation, you can click over to top1.fm/2020slides to get access to those, and you'll also find lots more about Lisa Palmer at top1.fm/100 because of course, she was the start of episode 100 here on this show.

With that. Here's Lisa:

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