31 minutes | Oct 22, 2021

#178 S2 Episode 47 - From Disliking Sales To Helping Build Teams Through Practice Lab with Henna Pryor


01:36 Henna's origin story and how she got to where she is now

08:12 What was hard in the beginning for a salesperson and how Henna got past it and so can you

18:06 The science behind seeking uncomfortable experiences rather than just react to them

26:26 What makes Henna uncomfortable at the moment and line she does not cross

28:51 How to connect to Henna's world and some final thoughts


08:37 "There is a big component of winning your clients over, right? You want them to think 'hey I'm here to support you, I'm here to help you, I'm not just here to bother you.'"

08:59 "What I was not prepared for at all was abject rejection over and over again. I was not prepared for people to have preconceived notions of me before I even opened my mouth, that was something that was new to me. And I also don't think of the way people do this job and how much time and attention it takes."

15:41 "One of the things that I have realized and can now point to has been a huge factor of my success is the desire to seek out the uncomfortable. Not just react to it when it arrives on my doorstep and not just to be in the discomfort that is given to me and address it as it's there but to actually go seek it out and practice what it feels like."

25:20 "You gotta know when to stop digging too, right? There's like a balance like, 'ok we're gonna put this one in the lost column,' and that's key too, right? Like as an experiment you gotta find how this works for you, where you're comfortable at and realizing you can do everything right and still lose the deal many times."

25:55 "Just be willing to try something you know is awkward and that it's not gonna be natural, but be willing to try anyway. And if it doesn't work out you still win, you still benefit, because you tried it. And you feel a little less terrified for trying it the next time, it's a win-win either way."

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