21 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

#171 S2 Episode 40 - From Content Marketer to Scaling Companies at Growth Genie with Michael Hanson


01:14 When did Michael's sales journey begin and how it is so far

04:07 What to do in the first touch using Michael's approach instead of the norm 

11:58 The humble or feedback approach and how it works better

15:34 Personalization and relevance in line with Michael's approach

19:22 How to reach Michael and get into his world


03:23 "People who have marketing experience and understand the sales side of the coin can be very successful in growth and thinks like that, because understanding both parts are so important regardless of what department you're in."

10:15 "The thing we do is a feedback email, where most people do is a break-up email like 'Oh sounds like it's not the right time, can you introduce me to a colleague?' as we actually do a humble approach and say, 'look it seems like the messaging's aren't resonating, would you mind giving some feedback?'"

11:21 "If they haven't given you a good reason as to why they're not interested to just stop at that point, you're definitely leaving money on the table."

13:58 "We don't give them the piece of content, we say 'would you be interested in seeing it?' Because if we just give it to them they can just click it and go away with it."

16:01 "First email is always personalized. And we're always saying 'what's the business relevance?', like how can you help the company realize the goals they're trying to achieve."

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