5 minutes | Oct 12, 2021

#170 S2 Episode 39 - Take Ownership in Your Sales Success


00:29 You have to take ownership of your own success and what to do

00:57 Invest in yourself by doing these things

02:14 Podcasting is a great place to get new ideas and more things to look out for


00:29 "You gotta take ownership for your own success. Don't wait for somebody else or your boss, or your manager, or your leader, or your org to roll out the red carpet for your success."

01:38 "Find the opportunity to really test your skills. Find some of your colleagues that are willing to role play with you, that are willing to give you feedback on your scripts and your emails, and help listen to your calls, and you do the same for them."

02:29 "One of the biggest things that you should look for is people on social media that are giving away a bunch of stuff for free. So there are tons of great sales influencers that are giving you all of their best recipes, all of the things that they have tested that are working."

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