31 minutes | Sep 29, 2021

#161 S2 Episode 30 - From Almost Giving Up To Scaling A 100+ B2B SaaS Team with Hoyin Cheung

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01:07 Hoyin's journey in entrepreneurship along with his failures and successes that shaped him to be the man he is today

08:22 Hoyin's first pot of gold and his first song that was the right tune for him

13:47 All about Remo.co and what they're all about

22:33 Takeaways from scaling a fully virtual team to 6 to 100+

27:44 How to connect to Hoyin and explore more about his thoughts


06:17 "It's like, everyone has a song that they could sing to. Like something that's just really good at or is the right fit for them."

10:36 "If you believe in it enough, or you worked on it enough, then you would get some good benefits later. No one makes money off of mediocrity, right? If you're doing something that everyone else is doing, there's barely any opportunity there."

19:56 "Virtual office helped me achieve that statement, but when I found out that virtual events achieved it even better; it didn't matter what the opportunity was. It didn't matter if it was a virtual office or virtual event, all that mattered is that I achieved that goal."

20:19 You don't get stuck on the idea, you're trying to pursue the output, the effect, the end goal. And I think that was actually what saved me because if I didn't have that it and I just said 'virtual office, virtual office, virtual office,' I would never have found virtual events"

21:24 "At the end of the day, you're not creating the product for yourself. Which sounds obvious when you say it, but is actually really true. People fall into this trap all the time, that they're like 'oh it's just me, I'm building it so it's obviously for me.' So it's constant desire to go and ask for feedback."

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