21 minutes | Oct 19th 2016

Simplifying Your Life

In this episode, I talk about why it's SO important to simplify your life. Not just your personal life, but your business life as well! Enjoy Transcript Jeremy Reeves: Hey what is going on guys and girls. This is Jeremy Reeves with another episode of The Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast and I am back from vacation. Today is the Monday, October 10 and so I do not know when you will be listening to this. I think it is next week that you will be listening to this. So actually, I have been back for like a week now, but I have an awesome vacation. I spent a ton of time with the kids and family and that kind of thing and we got to go hiking and I actually tried my first 5 mile run the long time. So if you guys have not known, I have been getting really good shape this year. I went from 195 in let us see, March or April I forget, something like that and now I am down to like 170ish range. So I am super excited about that. I got a lot stronger in the process too. I gained some muscle and you know, some -- I am looking a lot better, health wise even you know, a lot better. I have way more energy and cardiovascular wise, a lot better. So one of the things I did while I was on vacation, I was kind of sitting here 1 day and I am like, know what, I am going to try -- I have some extra time, I am going to go for 5 mile run just to kind of see what happens. So I did that and I actually ended up running -- it was in like I forget like 49 minutes and some seconds, but it basically, it ended up being like a 7 minute 59 second mile which I thought was really good you know. A lot of people to get like under 9, they think it is good for a 5-mile run and I did under 8. So I am going to try to keep whittling that down. I am going to try to get to like 7 or 7:30 something like that, but I was pumped about that. Anyway, one of the things that I have been thinking about and kind of came up in my mind a lot during my vacation was simplicity, right. So I have been thinking about you know, where I am going with my business and you know how I make my money and you know, what the biggest successes have been in making the money you know, in generating revenue and it is funny because you know, I have had projects in the past where I build this big elaborate funnels you know just say like a $25,000 funnel just for an example. And it will take weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of effort right, to make that $25,000. And you know, and that is not every single day, but that is you know, it is a lot of time you know, putting into it. I do not know exactly how many hours or days or whatever it takes for something like that. It is kind of hard to you know, to say, but basically, it is a ton of time you know, versus I just did a (inaudible 3:02.9) with the client and made that much right. I made $25,000 in like I do not know 5 hours maybe something like that and you know, it got me thinking about simplicity and it is like why am I kind of going the hard -- you know, why am I doing all that when I can just you know, why am I going this way when I could just go the other way and get the same result in way less effort and have a lot more fun you know, because I have a little bit of skin in the game. So it is like -- it is just you know, it kind of occurred to me like why the hell I am still doing this. So (inaudible 3:42.2) you know, but I am changing up my services quite a bit to be honest. To go more of that other like more (inaudible 3:50.2) deals and more just more high leverage that kind of thing. So that is what I want to talk about today you know, simplicity, right. So let us bring it back to sales funnels. Let us talk about your sales funnel, right. So you know, there are a lot of different ways that you can do it you know that you can build a sales funnel and I used to tell clients, oh we should do you know, we should like segment into 10 different you know buckets and blah.. blah.. blah.. you know, do all these kinds of things and test this and test that and test that. Let us do 3 versions of a sales letter, let us do VSL, let us do webinar on top of it and then let us also do 3 versions of the autoresponder. In that way, you know, we can test all these different things blah.. blah.. blah you know, and it was great you know, it works. But here is the thing, you know what also works is simplicity. What else would work to simplicity right. So that is kind of my message of today is you know what are you doing in your business that you could be doing it in a much more simple way and get the results. So take for example, you are starting -- let us just say you are launching a new product right and you know, let us say that you are at the point now you know -- there is a difference like do you go simple or do you do it advance right. If you already have things dialed in right and you are launching a product and you know for certain that that is going to be a big product and you have the time, you have the resources to put in a really advance sales funnel then by all means do it, because when they are advance like that they are going to work better. When you have everything in place they will work better you know. When you have segmentation it will work better. When you are really spending the time to get the copy write it will work. I mean copies that is part of the simplistic thing, but if you are trying to do like this it is kind of a multilayer super -- multifaceted, like super complex funnel right off the bat and you do not know if your message is dialed in, to me it is kind of nuts right. So you know there are these you know, various ways to do sales funnel as you know, I have my methodologies and there are things like the Ask Method with Ryan Levesque and you know Scott Oldford his Relevancy Model and with a slow lane and fast lane that kind of thing. So there is a lot of different ways, but the thing is if you do not already have the messaging in place, if you do not have already have like no exact -- if you do not have the foundation in place, if you do not already know exactly who your target market is, exactly what the problem is, exactly how your product is uniquely positioned to solve that problem, you know the core 3, we will call them, in my opinion, I think you should nail that down first and then get more complex right. So you know, Scotts’ Relevancy Model. Ryan’s Ask Method. They work fantastically well. I have done both of them. I have been doing them for years right. I have been doing -- both of those I have been doing for probably 4 or 5 years now. I just never like put a name on it right. Their brilliance is being able to actually put a process in place and being able to like really you know, narrow down like the fine details of it right. They both work really, really well right. Fantastically well, but I think that round number 1, stage number 1 should be the foundation, right. Just for example, let us just say that you are coming out with a new product, right. If you are like kind of just getting started or like you do not have a huge influence, you do not have a huge following that (inaudible 7:29.6) going to buy it right. If you are not at that stage yet, I think it is kind of crazy to go and spend you know, tens of thousands of dollars and months of your time putting it together when you can just launch it with just a simple sales funnel. Launch it to your list right and see how it does. Get feedback right. Launch it again, send a cold traffic. Get feedback. Test and tweak and then you do those you know, those models where you get crazy with it and you get, you do super advance segmentation and you know, all that kind of stuff and you are doing all kinds of crazy retargeting you know everything, all the you know, wonderful goodies that go along with those various methodologies right. Because again, they work really, really, really, well and they are going to get you better results, but you have to look at you know, how much better results are they going to get you and the bigger -- I think the bigger deal here is that when they are really complex, when there is a lot of steps, when there is a lot of segmentation and like all the kind of extra work that you know, is inevitably involve in those. The biggest issue I see with it is not really the time right. It is not the frustration or whatever of putting them together. It is the fact that it probably would not ever happen, okay. And that is the big key here is you have to look at yourself right. You have to know who you are. You have to -- like understand yourself and be honest with yourself and say look, I can either go -- there are basically 2 routes. Simple and fast with less results right off the bat right or slow and frustrating with better results, okay. And let us just say that for example. Let us just say that you are going to get I do not know, 50% better results with like a more advanced funnel or even just say double right, just say double. I mean it is kind of depend, but just say double. You have to say to yourself, okay, if I am going to spend 3 times the amount of work on this for double the results. Is it going to be worth it? And if this is going to be a million dollar funnel for you, definitely worth it. Do it, right. You can do it right off the bat. If it is not going to be right, it is going to be maybe a 6 figure funnel then go simple. Nail down the messaging right and get it to work without being complicated, okay, and then come back and you are getting let us say, (inaudible 10:00.1) something like that right then you come back and you say okay, let us go hog-wild. We are already converting the cold traffic right, let us go hog-wild and do you know, whatever -- I mean honestly basically you want to do their methodologies kind of put together right. You want to be doing like the quiz and surveys and then the relevance, the aspect of things together right. And do that second and then basically what you do is you take your ROI from 2 to 1 to 4 to 1, righ
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