26 minutes | Nov 9th 2016

Brian Scudamore On Growing A $250 Million Business

In this episode, I chat with Brian Scudamore. Brian is the founder of O2E Brands, the banner company for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. We’ll discuss how he built a $250 million dollar empire, the challenges and struggles he faced doing it, and put his 9-figure insights to work for your business regardless of where you are now!   Resources Mentioned Linkedin O2Ebrands.com Transcript Jeremy Reeves: Hey everyone. Jeremy Reeves here, back with another episode of The Sales Funnel Mastery podcast. And today, I have on the line, Brian Scudamore and you may or may not recognize his name, you probably recognize his trucks that are probably driving all around your town. He owns 1-800-GOT-JUNK? along with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. Brian obviously, as you can tell is a serial entrepreneur. He has been doing this -- Brian (inaudible 0:44.6) the exact year, but I know 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is roughly 150-million dollar company. It has been around since I think the 80s and now he is kind of just conquering the entire you know, home service market which is kind of awesome. I want to give in to your story of why you chose that market you know, he has made appearances on ABC Nightline, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, CNN, The Today Show, Oprah, and CNBC. He has been featured in Fortune Magazine, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and the list can basically go on and on and on for about the next half hour about your background, every amazing thing that you have done, but instead of doing that, Brian, first of all, welcome to the show and let everybody know you know, go a little bit deeper into your story and to your background, so people can kind of get to know you a little better. Brian Scudamore: Yeah. Thanks for having me Jeremy and I always enjoy talking to an audience about their entrepreneurs and people that are interested in the startup world. We have done this now since 1989. We are about $250 million business (inaudible 1:49.0) 250 this year and O2E Brands is the parent company which stands for Ordinary to exceptional, O2E Brands. We have got 4 companies now from junk removal all the way to windows, gutters, power washing under the Shack Shine brand so we are having fun and growing the entrepreneurial world through different home service brands. Jeremy Reeves: Nice. I love it. Before we get into all of the business stuff, I always like to start off and ask a couple -- kind of get to know you questions, right. So the first one is what is the worst habit that you have ever had and how did you get rid of it? Brian Scudamore: Oh, interesting. I think the worse habit is probably not being as good of a listener as I can be. I am a big believer in a philosophy of “Leaders Eat Last” and that a leader needs to listen to other people, share their opinions before they speak. So while I say it is a bad habit that I used to have. I think I am still working on it and getting better, but I tried to have my team speak up and share their thoughts because they are the brilliant ones with all the answers and how am I to really formulate, visionary thinking if I cannot get other people’s ideas are. So a little more time listening. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, yeah. I love that. I love that. And I think that is something that a lot of people could use some you know, some work on it including myself you know. Okay, second one you know, I am sure you have a bucket list. I am sure you have crossed a lot of things off, you still have a lot of things to cross off. If you had time to only cross off one more thing in your bucket list, which one would that be? Brian Scudamore: Well, it is interesting. So I was actually just looking at what we call our 101 Life Goals list and I have got you know, 101 things on there from giving over a win free a day hug which I got to do, to do in a safari in Africa, a hot air balloon which I got to do. The one that I would keep -- if I can only check one off is to live to be at least 101 years old. So that way, that would allow me to still accomplish all the other things on the list. Jeremy Reeves: Oh I like it. You are doing the genie cheating approach. I like that. Brian Scudamore: Being strategic. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, I like that. Alright, next one is, if you could change one thing about your life instantly. If you could just you know, actually you know, a genie in the bottle you know, if you could rub the bottle and something in your life change instantly, what would that be? Brian Scudamore: Nothing. Jeremy Reeves: Nice. I like that answer. I like that. Beautiful. Okay, next one. What is your favorite drink? Could be alcoholic or nonalcoholic or you know, what is your favorite drink? Brian Scudamore: Yeah, I love my red wine. I am not a big fancy wine sommelier type but I definitely enjoy red wine and just a glass with friends or family. Jeremy Reeves: Nice, okay. And the last one is if you had to choose a spirit animal, what would it be? Brian Scudamore: If I had to choose a spirit animal? Jeremy Reeves: Yeah. First thing it pops in your head. Brian Scudamore: I have to ask you what that is. What do you mean by spirit animal? Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, yeah. So basically, if there was -- and first thing that pops in your head you know, if there is an animal that describes you, what would that be? Brian Scudamore: My favorite animal is an elephant. I used to think that there are smart. They are big. They stand out. They you know, pioneer roads through you know, trees. Jeremy Reeves: Nice. And it is actually funny, I was just watching the jungle book with my 2 sons the other day and my wife and in that -- I do not know if you remember seeing that from when you are younger when it came out. They just redid it and in that, the elephants are actually like the gods of the forest you know. They are the ones that are paving all the -- you know, they are putting in the dance, they are moving everything you know, so it is actually interesting, it is pretty good. I like it. Brian Scudamore: (inaudible 5:42.7) they did a great, a great new version of that movie. The special effects just blew my mind -- Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, I know. It was, oh my God, the animals are so real. It is incredible. I like it. So alright, so now that we kind of got to know you more as a person you know, let us kind of shift into the you know, the businessman Brian, alright. So first of all, you know, when you first started 1-800-GOT-JUNK? That is your, you know, that is kind of what started everything. That is what really put you in the map. Why was that you know, what was like the reasoning behind it? Brian Scudamore: Yeah, it was simple. I was in the McDonald’s drive-through in Vancouver. I was trying to think of ways to pay for college. I was 1 course short of graduation from high school and I (inaudible 6:27.4) my way to college, but I have to find the funds to pay for it. So I had a need for a job and there I was, McDonald’s drive-through (inaudible 6:34.8) pick-up truck filled with junk. That was the Aha moment. I went and bought a truck on my own for $700 and started hauling junk. A week later and the rest is history. What motivated me or inspired me to pay for college also got me to drop out. I had 1 year left in my diploma so to speak in business school, but I was learning much more about business running the business and I made the bold decision to drop out. My father who is a liver transplant surgeon who thought I was absolutely out of my tree, but we golf the other weekend and you know, he is proud of me and I am proud of him, it all worked out. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, yeah, definitely you did. I mean going to 250 million is not an easy task you know. So in the beginning days you know, what where some of the things that really kind of move the needle for you so to speak you know. Was there any, was it the message, was it that the actual service was unique you know, I am pretty sure you were -- you were the first one really to bring that you know, that service to the marketplace you know, what do you think really you know, kind of put you in the map? Brian Scudamore: Yeah, what is interesting, I was not the first one to bring it to the market, not even close. There were thousands of junk removal companies that were just like me one-truck owner/operator hauling junk in any city across North America, but I was the first to do is bring the market together and say let us create a professional FedEx-like brand. Clean and shiny trucks, friendly uniformed drivers, exceptional level of service brought to an ordinary industry. And I started the and scale the business from Vancouver to Seattle to Toronto and today we are in every major market in North America and Australia with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Jeremy Reeves: That is awesome. I actually did not know that. I thought you guys were actually -- I thought you pioneered that whole industry, but -- Brian Scudamore: You know, we did it at a bigger scale than anyone else, but people have been picking up junks since you know, since the world started right. People have stuff to get rid out of it and you know, 1 day (inaudible 8:46.0) buggy-type model and you know, we just professionalized the very fragmented industry, the same way that Starbucks professionalized and created a brand in a mop-and-pop coffee shop world. We have got on to do it in the junk removal space and of course now you know, our real vision and inspiration is how do we do it in other arenas? How do we take an ordinary business and make it exceptional like O2E Brands our name says, we are doing it with windows, gutters, power washing, and the house detailing space with our newest brand, Shack Shine. So we have got 4 companies that are doing this in fragmented home service markets. Jeremy Reeves: Okay. So is that kind of like your, you know, your kind of go-to strategies, looking for services that you know, that are kind of providing like the basic level service you
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