42 minutes | Oct 12th 2016

Ben Settle On Personality-Driven Emails

In this episode, we chat with the one and only Ben Settle. Ben is a well-known email marketer who has a unique approach to writing emails. We get into the specifics of his unique style, why it works so well, why most people royally screw up the entire purpose of emails, and how you can use it in your own business for better results and a heckuva lot more fun writing emails! Resources Mentioned bensettle.com Transcript Jeremy Reeves: Hey, what is going on everybody. Jeremy Reeves here with another episode of The Sales Funnel Mastery Podcast. Today, I have on the line, Ben Settle. Probably a lot of you listening know about Ben. Basically, he is an email marketing bad ass -- if you bring up the subject email marketing, you have probably heard his name somewhere in there. He basically runs -- he does not do copy work anymore, anything like that. He kind of just focuses on you know, showing business owners how to write better sales copy with email and we will talk about it a little bit later where he has a news letter called email players which is pretty awesome and we will get into a little bit about that later. Ben, how are you buddy? Ben Settle: I am doing good, Jeremy. Thanks for having me on your show here. It is good to be here. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, yeah. I appreciate you coming on. So before we get into like you know, the actual tips and all that kind of stuff. Tell everybody a little bit about yourself you know, go into your story a little bit so people know you know, who you are or what you have done and why people talked about you in the industry. Ben Settle: Okay. I felt everybody says good things about me (inaudible 1:25.3) I hope not or else I am doing something wrong. I am basically -- whenever people ask me what I do -- and being in this industry you know the frustration to that problem. You go to a party and it is not business people, certainly not internet people. What do you do, right. What are you saying.. I used to have these different answers. I would like to gauge people’s response. Like I (inaudible 1:47.6) expand emails. I write (inaudible 1:51.0) emails, but now I will say, I am like (inaudible 1:53.4) who gets paid. And then they go, what do you mean by that. I said, well, I wake every day. I write an email, it takes me 10 to 15 or maybe 20 minutes tops and then I am done. I go off and have fun and play all day. That is the essence of what I do and the kind of lifestyle (inaudible 2:09.6) you know, there is people right now out there glorifying long hours and hard work and few hours of sleep and I am like the (inaudible 2:19.9) whatever it is or a writer who does not you know understand grammar, but that is like, I am the opposite. I have tried to build a lifestyle where -- I do other stuff, but I only have to do that and so that is pretty much what I do. Jeremy Reeves: Nice, nice. Why did you make that decision you know, because I am on the same way and everybody listening to this probably is too because that is what I talked about all the time is you know, time freedom and kind of not going after you know, the typical like you work until your eyes bleed just because you know, if you are trying to build a company sell for you know 7, 8, or 9 figures then maybe do that for a couple of years and then sell it and then you know do whatever or like Gary Vaynerchuck says, you know, he cannot live any other way you know, that is just part of your DNA and that is fine, but I mean, I definitely at more along the lines of yours you know what I mean. Work for a couple of hours. Work you know, for a little bit and then enjoy your life you know. So why did you -- why did you end up you know, wanting to go down that path you know, versus like the work until your eyes (inaudible 3:28.4). Ben Settle: Yeah (inaudible 3:28.4) and I was just speaking at an event a couple (inaudible 3:32.2) weekend and I remember telling people I am like the anti Gary V. not that I am against him (inaudible 3:39.8) I respect the guy. Do not get me wrong, but I am anti that in the sense of I do the opposite, like I could not -- I am not a -- like he said, he is apparently -- I have never heard the guy talk before. It is kind of funny because everybody (inaudible 3:50.9). Apparently, I was on this interview called mixology I think with Andrew Warner. Really cool show. He was telling me that in an interview Gary V (inaudible 4:01.5) he is like a mutant. He only needs like an hour of sleep. I do not know man. To me, like that is not what I want. So this is probably back like 2004, I was you know, somewhat new copywriter. I have been doing it for about a year or two or whatever. And I remember being on this guy’s list, Matty Furey. Now, to me, Matt Furey is the email king. I give him all the -- I mean, the stuff he teaches is the foundation of how I got in to all of this. Now I hear often a lot of ways not but the foundational stuff. Yeah, I owe that guy everything as far as I am concern. I will be pumping gas at the Chevron right now (inaudible 4:35.6) for him. He was selling to the fitness niche right. You know, body weight, exercise books master stuff. He would write an email everyday and he will be done. Sometimes he brag (inaudible 4:45.1) you know. I do not even check his email respond. Just pushing (inaudible 4:48.0) I want to go off. I am in China. I am going to go write often and get massages whole day out. And I thought, man, that is what I want. I (inaudible 4:54.8) busting my ass like you know, client work. I am like, I want that. I want to go just send an email out and be gone for the day, so I can have the option to do other things if I want and I do. I write novels like monster novels and I (inaudible 5:07.4) joint ventures that I am involved in like in a golf market, but that stuff is optional, okay. (inaudible 5:12.9) to do this one thing and it is a very freeing way to live. I can still work hard if I want you know, I do. I do work hard. I get bored very easily, but it is nice to not have to, that is my whole point. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah and I think that is a big point you know. It is the freedom to do you know, if you wake up one day and then you are like shit, I just do not feel like working. I mean, you do not have to, you know, versus if you are tied down by a thousand things, it does not matter how you feel when you wake up. You have to work and it is just your grinding through it. You hate your day and that kind of thing. I totally get that. I love that. Ben Settle: To clarify a job at that point. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, it really is, yeah. And I think a lot of people are you know, struggling with that. I think that is how most people set up their businesses. Ben Settle: You know, there is something -- I am also going to play Devil’s Advocate against myself because at the same time and I told (inaudible 6:05.8) you probably heard me talked about this in Kenny Roger’s thing. At the same time, those guys (inaudible 6:12.2) building actual real businesses and companies that they can sell off or just leave to a team to run, I wish I was more like that. I mean they are really the winners. They are the ones are going to win this race. I am just sitting there. I am just coasting along right now. If I get sick or hurt or die, some kind of (inaudible 6:27.1) because I do not have that (inaudible 6:29.5). So there is freedom there, but it is like the freedom of a drifter and like that (inaudible 6:34.4) David Banner wondering the earth. Well if he breaks his legs, he is kind of screwed you know. At the same time, I mean there is something (inaudible 6:42.0) to the other side and I should be thinking more like that. I just have not thinking inspired yet. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah, yeah. You know, like anything else, there is pros and cons. There is no black and white. There is no perfect way to do things. It is just whatever works for you and your lifestyle you know, what you want to do you know. So you know, for anybody who has not heard of you, I feel like a lot of the audience listening to this probably has at least a familiarity with you and the style of writing that you do, but tell everybody about like, because your writing is very different than most people you know what I mean. So I guess walk us through like the -- I guess like the overall framework that you used for writing and I do not know if you can write copy. I know some people can just spout off copy off the top of their heads, but like just to kind to give an example of what it sounds like just so people can see, kind of hear how it is different you know, than like a typical email. Ben Settle: Well, here is -- they have been hearing me do it since we got on the phone or on the Skype here because I write just like I talk and this is the fact. If I have a unique way of writing it is only because I have a unique -- everybody has a unique personality. I simply expressed mine through my writing. How I write is exactly how I talk. In fact, you were talking to Jonathan Rivera you said recently and he is my -- I am going to be doing a new podcast by (inaudible 8:05.8) well I can do new (inaudible 8:07.6). Jeremy Reeves: That will be interesting. Ben Settle: I had a podcast for 2-1/2 years with him and he was the producer and I am going to be you know, we ended that in actually just a couple of weeks ago completely. Now we are going to do a new one next year, different one. But anyway, he told me that, he called me on the air once and he went to some mastermind right where there is a bunch of people there that I guess knew me in person. We have hang out (inaudible 8:31.4) and then like you know, Ben sounds exactly like, on his podcast as he does it in email as he does in real life is the exact same voice completely congruent. You know you are talking to -- you can tell it is a Ben email without even seeing the frontline if you know him or heard him talk. So all I am doing is writing like I talk which is a very simple principle that I learned from Matt Furey act
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