38 minutes | Feb 4th 2019

How To Succeed As A New Manager

It’s an unfortunate reality of the working world that many people become managers without ever having been trained to actually manage others. So today, Coach Larry joins us with his do’s and don’ts for new managers: topics include being humble, thinking of yourself as a performance coach, and never jockeying for credit. Then, Liz and Rich help listeners Julie, who’s being stretched too thin at her job, and Debbie, who’s juggling multiple job offers...and somehow that’s a bad thing! And we debate whether or not sabotaging a prospective employee’s breakfast — to figure out if they’ll be a good fit at your company, of course — is Bad Advice.

As always, if you've got a burning workplace question and need some advice, don't hesitate to send us an email (that email, unsurprisingly, is also Safe@Wondery.com). You can also find us on Twitter, we’re @SafeFor Work, and don't forget to follow our sage hosts on Twitter, too; they're @SSLiz and @RicoGagliano. And if you want to check out Liz’s other show, Satellite Sisters, you can find it on Apple Podcasts or Art19.

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