20 minutes | Jan 10, 2017

Sacramento Business Podcast: How to Start a Photography Business

Today we interview one of my favorite photographers Amber Gossett of Gossett Photography. I met Amber via Instagram and loved her vibe. See travels like most photographers do but when you can book a session with her it is well worth it.   “My photography style is Illustrative. I want the collection of my images to tell the story of you and what makes you unique.” Amber Gossett   In this age of Instagram and amazing camera phones Amber has navigated the waters and created a successful photography and soon video business. For many people who love photography and are thinking of jumping into being full time shutterbugs please listen to one of the best.   During the podcast we talk about:   How to start up a photography business in not only Sacramento but nationwide What lenses are great and not bad on the wallet Myths and lies about the photography industry How to develop your craft as an artist New Trends in the Photography Business How to book a client if you plan to start your photography business The many hats of the photography game Where Amber and Gossett Photography is moving toward in 2017 How video is impacting the photography game Social Media’s impact on photography     To book your session with Gossett Photography
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