134 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

#121: Gearing Up

When Kojima careened from Konami's cocoon (that's called alliteration!), he was left to his own devices for the first time in basically his entire career. The result was his unusual Sony-funded project Death Stranding, an interesting (if divisive) game that left us curious what he may pursue next. We don't yet know a specific answer, but thanks to a salvo of job listings out of Kojima Productions' Tokyo office, we know he and his team are revving up. And we're intrigued. So let's chat about it. We'll also touch on some other news, too, for KojiPro ain't the only ones hiring. Sucker Punch, too, is openly hiring for more Ghost of Tsushima, all but confirming the continuation of the franchise. And did you know Phil Spencer has spoken even more about the Bethesda situation, saying whatever anyone wants to hear? We'll get into all of that, and more, buttressed by your many inquiries. Will persistent gaming drag PlayStation 5's attach rate down? What's going on with PS5 launch titles The Pathless and Bugsnax? All of that and more on the other side of play.

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