53 minutes | Mar 14, 2018

Sacred Exploration - The Abundance Project

Wealth and abundance is not something you can get or something you lack. It's something within you that you must circulate. When you understand how to do this, you can generate all you need in any area, no matter the circumstances you face. In this transformational interview, we will explore how health and wealth are intimately connected and why self-Improvement is never a lasting solution. Drawing from his new book, Rydall will share a time-tested system for activating the Abundance Principle, which sets you free from the belief that outer conditions determine your life and empowers you to achieve your dreams from the inside out. He will explain why you never have to wait for anything ever again. What do you want in abundance? Health and vitality? Financial security? Love? Creativity? Deeply satisfying work? No matter what you’ve been through or what you’re facing, as you apply these practices, you will discover how to generate real-world abundance in every area of your life!
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