51 minutes | Feb 21, 2018

Sacred Exploration - Healthy Travel Tips from a Flight Attendant

Explore the sacred in travel with flight attendant, Sheri Gerber. Sheri’s mission to inspire healthy living around the world begins with ‘putting her own oxygen mask on first.’ Is breakfast still the most important meal of the day when the hours suggest its time for dinner? What is cosmic radiation and what can we do to protect ourselves from exposure? And what can we do to manage siting for long hours both on flights and between flights? Receive tips for maintaining proper hydration and reducing anxiety before and during flight. Sheri’s vibrant beauty, both inside and out, testify to the fact that we can manage our health whether on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air… and for long periods of time. Hear memorable stories from her unique perspective that will enlighten us about the sacred elements of travel. Fasten your seat belt, ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost time for take-off. Oh, the places we’ll go!
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