54 minutes | Mar 7, 2018

Numerology - Decode Your Sacred Soul Contract and Life Purpose

Discover the spiritual map of your life with numerology! Rachel Flower, the Name Whisperer, explores the sacred in your birth name! Do you know your greatest gifts? Do you wonder what your life is really about? Hidden within is a blueprint for living a more blissful life by helping you to discover your talents, life lessons, and soul destiny. Learn how you can unlock the truth of your soul contract and release your full potential using this ancient system of numerology. It’s more than just a name… Rachel will explain how to uncover the secrets hidden in your name so that you can consciously align with the flow of your spirit. The energetics of numbers will help you discover how to identify personal life lessons, navigate challenges and express strengths so that you can truly activate your life purpose. What does your name say about you? Find out! This is an exploration you don't want to miss!
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