55 minutes | Jan 31, 2018

How To MANIFEST SUCCESS in 2018 - Listen to Your Dreams!

In this episode, Lisa Ferrer and I discuss how to make your goals and dreams become results in your business and personal life! Working with BOTH your conscious and subconscious minds can help you magically remove old patterns and barriers so that goals and desires come into your life with ease! Are there areas of life in which you are not getting what you want? Do you have a happy and fulfilling personal life, but not the career of your dreams? Or vice versa? Lisa and I will introduce a four-part workshop that will help you to find success across all areas of your life. We will discuss how dream recall and interpretation helps to create the full expression of your life. We will explain how to remove blocks and create clearing in order to anchor lasting positive change so that you can get what you want! Are you successful? Take it to the next level! No matter your perceived level of success, we'll help you take it higher! It's easier than you might think, and definitely FUN!
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