55 minutes | May 2, 2018

Homeschooling: Is it Right for Your Child? Is it Right for You?

Homeschooling is a choice, just as much as public or private school, but most parents are not conscious of this option for their children. My guest, Tamara Effron, and I both homeschooled our children. Together we explore the benefits of homeschooling and the various ways in which it can be done. Many questions arise when considering homeschooling: Are homeschooled children at a social advantage or disadvantage? What about academically? What is a typical day for a homeschooled child? Is it hard for a child to transition from public or private school into homeschooling.... or vice versa? Is it hard for a homeschooled child to get into college? And... what is life like for the parents? Homeschooling imparts a wide range of experience. Hear our personal stories that exemplify the many nuances of homeschooling. We both feel it was one of the best decisions of our lives! Our children agree, too! Join us to find out more about this exciting option.
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