54 minutes | Mar 28, 2018

Encore: Shamanism: An Ancient Healing Practice for Today's World

'A child who is loved has many names. Old Proverb Did you know that there are many parts to ourselves? Defining ourselves too rigidly robs us of true integrity of body, mind, and spirit. Join me as we take a journey into the world of words and shamanism. In this episode designed to set the stage for the SacredExploration radio show, I will talk with Francesca Gentille, an initiated shaman in four traditions, about shamanism and how this ancient healing practice can bring light to the darkness of our modern day world. How we can integrate the many parts of ourselves, including those that have been hidden, lost, suppressed, and denied? And how can we use shamanic principles and practice to manage and heal the sufferings and tragedies - shootings, fires, hurricanes, and molestations - that have manifested most recently? Listen in to tap into this deep wisdom that brings forth wholeness.
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