49 minutes | May 9, 2018

Discover the Sacred through Voice - Singing Sources Adventure

Everybody has a voice! Are you using yours to bring forth greater levels of wholeness? In this soulful and playful episode, vocal coach and guide, Jennarose Johnson, shares her journey and passion for singing. Hear about her fascinating experience with Vicki Randle at the Sweetwater (Saloon) in Mill Valley in the early 90’s, what it had to do with Boz Skaggs and Kenny Loggins, and how a sincere desire can morph into a dream come true! Plus, hear a soothing original composition and a captivating jingle for a pizza delivery company! Jennarose shares how singing can be a practice in “being present” and giving yourself permission to have an experience... to enter the unknown. The sacred is within and we have the opportunity to bring it out through our voice. In so doing, we can uncover lost and hidden parts of ourself. Hear her reasons for developing “Expressive Excursions in Monterey County. Hint: Most people feel comfortable singing in their cars!
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