55 minutes | Jan 3, 2018

Dating? How to Find a Spiritual Man Who Matches Your Vibration

How do spiritual, independent, divorced women begin dating again? What can your toes tell you about you and relationship success? And why does it seem that spiritual men are often unsuccessful and less masculine? Mai Vu is an international speaker, best-selling author and top relationship coach. She has spent the past 20 years helping over 1000 women to find love. Mai shows women how to stand in their genuine and feminine power, while insuring that men feel honored, loved and powerful when they do. She has shown women how to find a man who will love, adore and cherish them, and how to have relationships with deep intimacy and a love that keeps on burning. Mai will help you discover your 3 P’s. Once you understand each “P” and the roles they play, you’ll be able to begin attracting and dating men who will see, hear and feel the essence of your beauty, and will treat you accordingly. Don't you deserve HOT love? Join us for this titillating exploration of sacred relating.
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